SIMPOL Documentation

Superbase NG Quick Start Guide

A Fast Introduction to Development with Superbase NG

Neil Robinson

All rights reserved. The programs and documentation in this book are not guaranteed to be without defect, nor are they declared to be fit for any specific purpose other than instruction in the use of the programming language SIMPOL. It is entirely possible (though not probable) that use of any sample program code in this book could reformat your hard disk, disable your computer forever, fry your dog in a microwave oven, and even cause a computer virus to infect you by touching the keyboard, though none of these things is terribly likely (after all, almost anything is possible). It is just that most things are extremely improbable.

Revision History
Revision 0.82017-04-22nr
Updated the overview and the SIMPOL Business chapter with the changes for the 2.13 release. Changed the copyright year.
Revision 0.72016-03-21nr
Updated the overview and other chapters with the changes for the 2.0 release.
Revision 0.62015-04-29nr
Converted to Docbook 5. Fixed various markup errors.
Revision 0.52014-03-21nr
Updated the overview chapter to contain the new additions for the 1.8 release. Added the chapter for the SIMPOL Business sample program, wrote the server programs, web server programs, and ppcs server chapters.
Revision 0.42012-11-14nr
Updated the overview chapter to contain the new additions for the 1.7 release.
Revision 0.32012-01-30nr
Updated the overview chapter to contain all files included with the product, divided into categories. Updated the database program chapter with a section on next steps.
Revision 0.22009-09-23nr
All the remaining initial chapters are now in.
Revision 0.12009-08-05nr
Fairly major update with the initial overview chapter done, much of the remaining layout prepared, the getting started chapter done and much of the command line programming chapter done.
Revision 0.012009-06-13nr
Initial document creation, all associated files, the framework, etc.

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