SIMPOL Documentation

Part II. C-Language Components

SIMPOL uses a component-based architecture that allows components written in languages such as C to be added to the language. These components are added to the project by the user as required. If a component is required then it must be listed in the components section of the compiled SIMPOL program or library. In addition to the types and functions provided directly by SIMPOL as part of the basic language, a growing number of components are provided. These components currently include: forms, windows, sockets, user-interface utilities, operating system utilities, PPCS, and SBME. Not all types and/or functions are available on all platforms, though the intention is that the majority of types and functions are eventually available for all supported platforms where their existence makes sense.


The WIN1 and FRM1 components are currently deprecated. Please use the WXWN components in their place. The new components have greater capabilities and will very quickly become cross-platform, as they are based on the cross-platform wxWidgets toolkit. The basic design to each component is similar, so conversion shouldn't take very long if you have already used them. A new utility for generating code from SBVs based on the WXWN components has already been created.

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