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Common Dialogs

An important part of working with a graphical user interface is the area known as Common Dialogs. These are the dialogs that are presented to the user to provide access to features that are common across applications, thus retaining a standard look and feel. These types of dialogs include: file selection (for opening or saving files), directory selection (with or without a new directory button), message boxes, color selection, font selection, page setup, printer setup, and progress meters (gauges). All of these are available through wxWidgets and will eventually be part of the capabilities provided by SIMPOL. Most of these will be provided as functions, such as the wxfiledialog(), the wxdirectorydialog(), and the wxmessagedialog() functions. The use of each is quite straightforward, so check out the associated information in the "SIMPOL Language Reference" book. These common dialogs replace the ones provided by the older UTUI component, which is deprecated. For further information regarding the Common Dialog support, see Chapter 19, Common Dialogs and Other UI Utilities in SIMPOL.