SIMPOL Documentation

Superbase NG Programmer's Guide

Getting to Grips with the SIMPOL Language

Neil Robinson

All rights reserved. The programs and documentation in this book are not guaranteed to be without defect, nor are they declared to be fit for any specific purpose other than instruction in the use of the programming language SIMPOL. It is entirely possible (though not probable) that use of any sample program code in this book could reformat your hard disk, disable your computer forever, fry your dog in a microwave oven, and even cause a computer virus to infect you by touching the keyboard, though none of these things is terribly likely (after all, almost anything is possible). It is just that most things are extremely improbable.

Revision History
Revision 0.252017-04-22nr
Updated the copyright year. Added documentation for the CAST operator in SQL92. Significantly reworked and extended the documentation of the comparison between Superbase Basic Language functions and their equivalents in SIMPOL.
Revision 0.242016-03-29nr
Modified the name Papatuo Holdings Limited to Superbase Software Limited. Made various changes related to the use of Superbase NG as the overall product name and SIMPOL as the language name.
Revision 0.232014-03-20nr
Added section at the start of the Using Reports in SIMPOL chapter about using the sql1.sml library. Moved the SQL92 information to a more prominent location and added cross-references to it. Added the information about the new events and other properties for the quickreport1 object. Added a section about enhanced Quick Report output using the new events, plus additional information about using the new summarize capability.
Revision 0.222013-12-02nr
Modified reference to Simpol Limited to be Papatuo Holdings Limited. Added 2013, 2014 copyright years.
Revision 0.212012-01-31nr
Updated the list of supplied libraries with the recent additions.
Revision 0.202011-04-27nr
Updated the list of supplied libraries with the latest set. Improved the part on programming with the dataform1 family of types and extended it to cover the application framework, the printable forms, and the three report engines.
Revision 0.192010-09-23nr
Modified the list of supplied libraries with the latest set. Updated certain aspects of the documentation to reflect current practice. Added the chapter on programming with the dataform1 family of types.
Revision 0.182010-03-12nr
Updated the copyright year.
Revision 0.172009-01-15nr
Updated the copyright year.
Revision 0.162007-08-01nr
Correction to all wxform sample programs to use a named error parameter in the
Revision 0.152007-06-12nr
Correction to a sample program in the user-defined types section.
Revision 0.142007-05-10nr
Spelling fixes plus updates of the chapter covering conversion from SBL.
Revision 0.132007-01-08nr
Modified reference to RealBasics Limited to be Simpol Limited. Added 2007 copyright.
Revision 0.122006-05-10nr
Updated the chapter about wxWidgets to include common dialogs and the grid control. Rewrote the chapter about Common Dialogs to be now based on the wxWidgets functions.
Revision 0.112006-03-07nr
Removed the chapters about window1 and form1 and added the chapter about wxWidgets. Added chapter about pre-programmed SIMPOL-language libraries.
Revision 0.102004-08-30nr
Added the chapter about moving from SBL to SIMPOL.
Revision 0.092004-04-28nr
Split the Programmer's Guide and the Reference Guide into two separate books. Added the majority of missing sections to the existing portions of the book. Added the chapters about the windows, forms, common dialogs, and message boxes. Minor fixes in other areas.
Revision 0.082003-09-04nr
Added the lock1 type, AND, OR, and XOR operators, the anyvalue type, additional narrative.
Revision 0.072003-01-13nr
Added the array type, .compress1, .decompress1, various type tags, additional narrative.
Revision 0.062002-10-02nr
Added the Superbase Micro Engine new types and wrote the content of the Variables chapter.
Revision 0.052002-09-30nr
Added the section covering the Superbase Micro Engine types.
Revision 0.042002-07-27nr
Added some more detail in the basic document and redesigned into parts.
Revision 0.032002-05-20nr
Added the section on esf1 types and reworked the smpol-types to be based on includes.
Revision 0.022002-02-27nr
Added the section on grammar and modified the book to include the initial main documentation.
Revision 0.012001-12-05nr
Initial conversion of existing SIMPOL documentation into DocBook XML format.