SIMPOL Documentation

UI Errors

Error NumberErrorDescription
500UI startup error 
501Unrecognized control type 
502Failed to add item 
503Invalid modality state This will occur if you have tried to call the processmodal() of a wxdialog object when the object has been created with the visible set to .true.
504Font creation failed 
505Menu creation failed 
506Menu insertion failed 
507Menu not parentless 
508Menu not in menubar 
509Menu item not checkable 
510Bitmap creation failed 
511Tool bar creation failed 
512Status bar creation failed 
513Tool creation failed 
514Style doesn't make sense 
515Common dialog creation failed 
516Not a valid choice 
517Mouse not captured 
518Controls not captured 
519DisabledYou have attempted to set focus to a disabled control
520InvisibleYou have attempted to set focus to an invisible control
521Not valid ellipseYou have attempted to create an ellipse using invalid coordinates
522Cannot be done for child windowsYou have attempted to use a method to make changes to a child window in a way that is not supported, such as calling setstate() to minimize or maximize a child window.
523CancelledThe user cancelled the print out.
524Printing errorAn error occurred while attempting to print the printout.
525Preview creation failedAn error occurred while to create the print preview.
526Can't make icon from bitmap 
527Child window can't have icon 
528OLE2 Automation: object creation failedThe OLE2 subsystem was unable to start an instance of the OLE2 server
529OLE2 Automation: instance not availableThe OLE2 subsystem was unable to access a running instance of the OLE2 server
530OLE2 Automation: operation failedThe attempted OLE2 automation operation did not succeed
531OLE2 Automation: type not supportedThe type that was returned from a call to the OLE2 subsystem is not supported
532Command event onlyThis is an internal error. If this error occurs, please record the circumstances that lead to the error and report it to Superbase Software Limited.