SIMPOL Documentation

Errors from Superbase Basic Language

Error NumberErrorDescription
1000001Not an index 
1000002No more images for this record 
1000003Print command failed 
1000004Can't open the printer 
1000005Not an open file 
1000006Access to file not allowed 
1000007This action requires an index 
1000008No record with this key 
1000009No external file field defined 
1000010End of file 
1000011User cancelled 
1000012Cannot access directory 
1000013Cannot access disk information 
1000014Name too long 
1000015Can't find this file (table) 
1000016Can't find this field 
1000017Invalid statement 
1000018Out of data 
1000019Invalid date 
1000020Data types don't match 
1000021Operator not allowed with text 
1000022Function not allowed with text 
1000023Function not allowed with number 
1000024Can't divide by zero 
1000025Can't AND illegal values 
1000026Can't OR illegal values 
1000027Invalid numeric parameter 
1000028Invalid text parameter 
1000029Closing parentheses missing 
1000030Opening parentheses missing 
1000031Function syntax comma missing 
1000032Function argument invalid parameter 
1000033String too long 
1000034Misplaced command 
1000035Formula too complex 
1000036Variable not defined 
1000037Field not defined 
1000038Number out of range 
1000039Invalid numeric format 
1000040No file name given 
1000041Invalid parameter 
1000042Field already exists 
1000043File (table) already exists 
1000044No file (table) selected 
1000045Invalid field type 
1000046Invalid field name 
1000047Data too long for field 
1000048Field requires numeric data 
1000049Field requires text data 
1000050Data is required in field 
1000051Field does not match validation 
1000052Cannot open file (table) 
1000053Error deleting file (table) 
1000054Can't record detail block operations 
1000055Return without gosub 
1000056NEXT without FOR 
1000057Duplicate key found 
1000058No record selected 
1000059Can't find key to delete 
1000060Can't find correct key to delete 
1000061Can't find key while deleting 
1000062Can't find pointer while deleting 
1000063Memory allocation problem 
1000064Problem reading input file 
1000065Problem writing output file 
1000066File contains non text characters 
1000067Input file data invalid 
1000068Can't open input file 
1000069Can't open output file 
1000070Undefined program label 
1000071File block has been deleted 
1000072File block is not first in chain 
1000073Invalid date format string 
1000074Invalid numeric format string 
1000075Problem reading data file 
1000076Problem writing to data file 
1000077Problem positioning in data file 
1000078End of external file 
1000079External file not found 
1000080External file not iff 
1000081Problem reading external file 
1000082Index must be removed 
1000083Incomplete field or value missing 
1000084Incomplete statement. Check for missing operators or separators 
1000085Statement does not give true or false 
1000086Remove index before type change 
1000087Can't total non numeric field 
1000088Insufficient memory 
1000089Internal error 
1000090Insufficient stack space 
1000091Error renaming file 
1000092Where statement should be single file 
1000093Command must be at end of line 
1000094Error invalid time 
1000095Input file not open 
1000096Field is not external 
1000097Resume without error 
1000098Can't save property setting 
1000099Can't SetActive within OnActivate event 
1000100Field is already indexed 
1000101Array variable not dimensioned 
1000102Invalid subscript for array 
1000103Subscript not numeric 
1000104Array already dimensioned 
1000105WEND without WHILE 
1000106Nesting depth exceeded 
1000107This file (table) requires a later version of the software 
1000108Invalid statement beginning 
1000109Invalid statement ending 
1000110Required in statement 
1000111Variable required in statement 
1000112THEN or GOTO required in statement 
1000113GOSUB or GOTO required in statement 
1000114Invalid form file 
1000115Group not defined 
1000116Can't perform operation on object in a detail block 
1000117File (table) open in another directory 
1000118Problem opening window 
10001191.2 System software required 
1000120UDP not available - unable to load winsock 
1000121IF without END IF 
1000122In use by another file 
1000123Max 255 dialog controls allowed 
1000124Cannot open COM port 
1000125Error during file transfer 
1000126No carrier detected (DCD) 
1000127File is busy 
1000128Error unlocking file 
1000129Command not allowed in unqueued message event 
1000130Record is locked by: 
1000131File (table) is open for exclusive access 
1000132File (table) is open for shared access 
1000133Too many users 
1000134Network or file sharing inactive 
1000135Error re-seeding index 
1000136Cannot lock all records 
1000137File (table) is locked by : 
1000138Access denied: File (table) in use 
1000139File (table) is open for exclusive write 
1000140File (table) is open for shared write 
1000141File (table) has been modified 
1000142File (table) is open for read only 
1000143State not allowed with IconComboBox 
1000144Cannot register window classes 
1000145Cannot create main window 
1000146Cannot create child window 
1000147Invalid or duplicate IP address or port number 
1000148Search string not found 
1000149File in use by another instance 
1000150Invalid margins selected 
1000151CASE required after SELECT CASE 
1000152END SELECT missing from SELECT CASE 
1000153Write failed - Disk is full 
1000154Channel already in use 
1000155Logical field must contain Y,N,T or F 
1000156Application not responding 
1000157Channel not initialized 
1000158Cannot open the Clipboard 
1000159Floating point math error 
1000160Application busy 
1000161Precision error in math function 
1000162Form requires new version of software 
1000163Reorganize failed to complete 
1000164Insufficient disk space 
1000165Cannot open library 
1000166Invalid function argument 
1000167Cannot find function 
1000168Function already defined 
1000169Invalid Superbase library 
1000170Network control file not present 
1000171Invalid network control file directory 
1000172Cannot log on to network control file 
1000173Invalid lock file 
1000174Cannot lock database file 
1000175Cannot lock file 
1000176Cannot lock record 
1000177Record is not locked 
1000178File only accessible from lan version 
1000179Invalid outer join syntax 
1000180Too many outer joins 
1000181Query optimization error 
1000182Error from SQL system 
1000183Invalid SQL connect command 
1000184SQL command too long 
1000185Not connected to SQL system 
1000186No SQL command has been prepared 
1000187Invalid SQL bind syntax 
1000188Cannot find form object 
1000189Query optimizer not enabled 
1000190Dialog already exists 
1000191Cannot find dialog 
1000192Cannot create dialog 
1000193Invalid SQL option 
1000194Incompatbile software version 
1000195Error sending or receiving on UDP 
1000196Procedure name missing 
1000197Too many procedure arguments 
1000198Maximum procedure depth exceeded 
1000199Formal arguments must be simple variables 
1000200Argument count mismatch 
1000201Procedure name too long 
1000202Illegal entry to procedure 
1000203Undefined array or function 
1000205Variable already declared 
1000206SUB cannot return a value 
1000207FUNCTION must return a value 
1000208END SUB without SUB 
1000209CALL cannot call a function 
1000210Not available in Superbase Personal 
1000211Undefined Sub Procedure 
1000212Too many programs 
1000213Cannot close while recording 
1000214Too many indexes. Maximum 999 
1000215Cannot RUN a recording macro 
1000216Invalid macro name 
1000217AS name required for group or total expression 
1000218Detail block name already exists 
1000219Invalid detail block name 
1000220Detail block must have a name 
1000221Detail block will not fit on current page as specified 
1000222Detail block information for data object does not exist 
1000223Invalid variable type 
1000224Decimal and thousand separator should not be the same character 
1000225QBE info lost on query read 
1000226"Error sending MCI string 
1000227Quick Report info lost on query read 
1000228Insert query can only be single table 
1000229Delete query can only be single table 
1000230Too many Insert rows 
1000231Too many Update rows 
1000232Insert row may not contain selection marks 
1000233Delete row may not contain selection marks 
1000234Update row may not contain selection marks 
1000235Query contains unlinked files (tables) 
1000236Query contains unlinked rows 
1000237Query selects no columns 
1000238Nested select not supported 
1000239Cannot join text to numeric column 
1000240Cannot join to derived column 
1000241Text is not allowed in numeric column 
1000242Number is not allowed in text column 
1000243Example element cannot be resolved 
1000244Expression cannot be resolved 
1000245Report band too big 
1000246Invalid object type for form dll function 
1000247Specified coordinates are off page 
1000248Fields off page not created 
1000249Event class missing 
1000250CALL keyword missing 
1000251Event service procedure must be a SUB 
1000252Equals sign missing 
1000253Undefined event 
1000254Wrong type of form 
1000255Selected objects dont fit on page 
1000256Data file has been encrypted 
1000257Index file is already open 
1000258Cannot modify dBase 3 memo 
1000259Message must be retrieved by GetMessage before reading 
1000260Program name missing 
1000261Program file not open 
1000262Detail block already exists 
1000263Detail block definition not started 
1000264Cannot mix detail block syntax versions 
1000265Detail block definition already started 
1000266Valid link to parent not specified 
1000267Inappropriate link for detail block 
1000268Operation cannot be done for an object in a detail block 
1000269Can't close a running program 
1000270ORDER field in unlinked detail block must be indexed 
1000271Non-indexed field specified in link 
1000272Inappropriate DML executed during save process 
1000273Operation not possible on local variable 
1000274Nested aggregates not permitted in calculation 
1000275Incorrect use of DROW keyword 
1000276Report must contain at least one band 
1000277Cannot perform operation on requested row 
1000278Error nesting too deep 
1000279Could not create a new object or start object server 
1000280Could not open ole object 
1000281Invalid link field specification 
1000282Detail block link cannot use unique fields 
1000283Chosen data files (tables) don't contain any fields that can be linked 
1000284Only one link allowed to parent detail block 
1000285Cannot link to detail block 
1000286Cannot use detail block as master file 
1000287Cannot use this extension 
1000288Too many pending events 
1000289No DDE request pending 
1000290Action not supported in Trial Pack 
1000291Keyword not supported by query optimizer 
1000292Cannot delete detail block with children 
1000293Can't query ANSWER table to ANSWER table 
1000294Cannot flush pending events 
1000295This file may be out of date 
1000296Cannot perform operation on Report form 
1000297Not permitted while report is open 
1000298SUB without END SUB or FUNCTION without END FUNCTION 
1000299No current menu 
1000300No current Icon Bar 
1000301Can't return event 
1000302Procedure not supported by run-time system 
1000304Illegal dBase index expression 
1000305Merge requires open file (table) 
1000306From and To files (tables) must be different 
1000307Data conversion format not supported 
1000308Unique index conflict - record replaced 
1000309Unique index conflict - record skipped 
1000310Disparate field types - data coerced 
1000311Too few fields for this record 
1000312Action exceeds Trial Pack record limit 
1000313Too many fields for this file type 
1000314Too many records for this file type 
1000315Record too big for this file type 
1000316Operation prevented by matrix or vector size or shape 
1000317Cannot be performed while a FiniteElmtArray is running 
1000318Operation on remote connection has timed out 
1000319Member name missing 
1000320Invalid type name 
1000321Not an object variable 
1000322Type name missing 
1000323Object variable not SET 
1000324Cannot find property or method 
1000325Not a method 
1000326Cannot assign a method 
1000327Cannot SET an object variable to a less specific type 
1000328String method argument expected 
1000329Numeric method argument expected 
1000330Method argument count mismatch 
1000331Method does not return a value 
1000332Invalid object 
1000333Not an instanciable type 
1000334Period missing 
1000335Is a string property 
1000336Is a numeric property 
1000337Incomplete property or method reference 
1000338Type mismatch: Invalid use of object 
1000339Invalid priority level 
1000340Incompatible object types 
1000341Collection member not found 
1000342Invalid collection subscript 
1000343Name already in use 
1000344Property is read-only during object activation 
1000345Invalid data received on remote connection 
1000346Cannot connect to named server 
1000347Type incompatible with this collection 
1000348Cannot create object 
1000349Cannot remove object 
1000350Not enough dimensions to create crosstab 
1000351Crosstab cannot contain more than 3-dimensions 
1000352Invalid aggregate function for Crosstab 
1000353From and To files must be specified 
1000354Property is read-only 
1000355Property is write-only 
1000356Method argument of object type expected 
1000357Object returned by method must be assigned to a variable using SETy 
1000358Cannot mix Crosstab and select queries 
1000359Unable to find mail system 
1000360Invalid mail logon password 
1000361General failure from MAPI or VIM 
1000362Not logged on to mail system 
1000363Attached Variable 
1000364No external data 
1000365Cannot Get Object 
1000366Cannot access server data (1) 
1000367Invalid split window pane size 
1000368Valid only in MDI mode 
1000369Can't set 'Value' of non-PushButton 
1000370Can't move or resize a maximized window 
1000371Can't move or resize an iconized window 
1000372Share not running: file opened exclusive 
1000373Not an array property 
1000374Array property: subscript count mismatch 
1000375Array property: string subscript expected 
1000376Array property: numeric subscript expected 
1000377Object variable not defined 
1000378Element not found 
1000379Object does not support OLE Automation 
1000380OLE Automation Error : Member not found 
1000381OLE Automation Error : Parameter not found 
1000382OLE Automation Error : Type mismatch 
1000383OLE Automation Error : Unknown name 
1000384OLE Automation Error : Named arguments not supported 
1000385OLE Automation Error : Invalid variable type 
1000386OLE Automation Error : Server error 
1000387OLE Automation Error : Overflow 
1000388OLE Automation Error : Invalid index 
1000389OLE Automation Error : Invalid class 
1000390OLE Automation Error : Array is locked 
1000391OLE Automation Error : Parameter count mismatch 
1000392OLE Automation Error : Parameter not optional 
1000393OLE Automation Error : Server error 
1000394OLE Automation Error : Invalid collection 
1000395Invalid message identifier 
1000396Too many recipient names listed for current mail system 
1000397Too many attachment files listed for current mail system 
1000398Recipient name was not found 
1000399One of the attachment files could not be found or opened 
1000400Message text is too long for current mail system 
1000401Message index number exceeds unread message count 
1000402No attachments exist for the message 
1000403Operation cannot be performed on a remote connection 
1000404Remote connection not recognised 
1000405Can't save attachment 
1000406Can't set the polling time 
1000407Can't find property 
1000408Property has no default 
1000409Unsupported COM: port 
1000410Unsupported baud rate 
1000411Unsupported word length 
1000412COM: port is not open 
1000413COM: port is already open 
1000414COM: port is in use by another application 
1000415Problem writing to COM port 
1000416Problem reading from COM port 
1000417No style definitions in form builder .ini file 
1000418No type definitions in form builder .ini file 
1000419Value too large or too small for property 
1000420Property not available for an unbound control 
1000421Invalid for a bound property 
1000422Invalid with Multiselect 
1000423String too long for property 
1000424String too short for property 
1000425Argument to function must be object 
1000426Can not execute with a STATIC ListSourceType 
1000427Can not execute unless STATIC ListSourceType 
1000428Message has not been read 
1000429No active window 
1000430Unable to open Crosstab library 
1000431Dialog object needs an object name 
1000432Wrong ListSourceType 
1000433Field does not match specified file 
1000434NULL String parameter not allowed 
1000435NetBIOS not found or insufficient NetBIOS resources available 
1000436Failure or unexpected error from NetBIOS 
1000437Unique index conflict - Index converted to duplicate 
1000438Unique index conflict - field data merged with existing record 
1000439Unique index conflict - Cannot merge with more than one record 
1000440No output window open 
1000441File (table) is open for exclusive access in another window 
1000442File (table) is open for shared access in another window 
1000443File (table) is open for exclusive write in another window 
1000444File (table) is open for shared write in another window 
1000445File (table) is open for read only in another window 
1000446Invalid Combobox type 
1000447Filter cannot be represented by QBE 
1000448Calculated columns must contain an expression 
1000449Reports not allowed in Form Designer 
1000450Forms not allowed in Report Designer 
1000451Invalid query type for conversion to a custom report 
1000452Object must have a name 
1000453ODBC function failed 
1000454Not supported on ODBC files 
1000455Not supported on this index 
1000456Already connected to data source 
1000457File still open on connection 
1000458Couldn't connect to data source 
1000459Record not available 
1000460Not supported on SELECT AS files 
1000461Too many ODBC connections 
1000462Crosstab can only have one aggregate 
1000463Valid only in SDI mode 
1000464No report form in memory 
1000465Operation cannot be performed while connection is active 
1000466Report form does not specify any fields 
1000467Can't nest switching of current window 
1000468Window must have a control box to minimize or maximize 
1000469Control not in detail block 
1000470Property only exists for read messages 
1000471Window is being edited in the Form Designer 
1000472Invalid with native object 
1000473Please enter a filename for the template 
1000474Specified coordinates are not on the dialog 
1000475No form in memory 
1000476Operation cannot be performed on a volatile file 
1000477File with this name already open 
1000478A Report is being edited in the Report Designer 
1000479Array property: invalid subscript 
1000480Entered value is not in list 
1000481Invalid object name 
1000482Can not remove non-primary object from detail block 
1000483Invalid variable name 
1000484Must merge with this file format 
1000485Too many concurrent usages - Close a view window 
1000486Cannot deactivate dialog box 
1000487Can't import to a file (table) which is already open 
1000488Cannot Order using specified file (table) 
1000489Cannot Order using specified field 
1000490Can't open - dBase file version too early 
1000491File (table) not attached to detail block 
1000492Property dialog not open 
1000493Starting array element required 
1000494Object parameter: Procedure called with a less specific type 
1000495More specific object type required 
1000496Variable is read only 
1000497Cannot perform operation on an unlinked detail block 
1000498Member refers to NOTHING 
1000499Cannot return: Formal reference parameter type does not match actual parameter 
1000500Object not found 
1000501Cannot DIM an array of objects 
1000502Array member not supported 
1000503Sub-expression evaluates to NOTHING 
1000504Duplicate element value not allowed in distinct set 
1000505Invalid nesting of data entry/event processes 
1000506Command buttons cannot have both a command and an OnClick event 
1000507Cannot activate a disabled window 
1000508SELECT, ORDER or GROUP clause too large 
1000509Can't open file - SHARE must be loaded 
1000510No event procedure defined 
1000511Index type not supported