SIMPOL Documentation

PPCS and SBME File Errors

Error NumberErrorDescription
901Field not found 
902Field type problem 
903Lock required 
904Index type not supported 
905Method of a database file based object was called with a parameter value from a different file 
906Code page for the target file is not supported 
907PPCS/SBME The record that you attempted an operation on is not currently stored and therefore the operation is not supported. 
908Attempt to lock one or more records or in SBME to lock the table or sbme object when they are already locked. 
909Attempt to continue an operation that is no longer possible because of a previous call to rollback. 
910Index not found. Internal error. 
911Field has index. You have attempted to delete a field before removing the index. 
912Field read-only. You have attempted to modify the contents of a read-only field. 
913Key too long. Internal error. 
914Duplicate index entry. You have attempted to save a record with an index value that is already in use. 
915Index property unknown. You may be trying to use an older version of a database component with a newer index type.